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Donation trough this website will go to genetic research on diabetes and obesity and transit via Mcmaster University advancement office.


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Imagine a world where obesity has been eradicated. A world where the obesity epidemic exists only in history books. A world that has decided to better understand obesity and take action to combat the epidemic instead of discriminating against obese people. A world where people endure the psychological distress of obesity no more, where people have more confidence in themselves. A world that has witnessed a dramatic reduction in obesity-associated health complications, such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease or cancer. A world whose population lives longer, stronger and healthier. A world where billions of dollars previously devoted to manage obesity ineffectively are now invested where they belong, in infrastructure, education, and innovation.


Is it utopia? Great advances always start with great dreams. Our team (see the picture below) believes in this dream and works hard to see these great hopes come to fruition worldwide in the coming years. If the global obesity epidemic mainly results from the adoption of a lifestyle that promotes an excessive consumption of high caloric food and a low level of physical activity, then who becomes obese and who does not is mainly driven by predisposing genes. Our laboratory has an internationally recognized expertise in the identification of these obesity predisposing genes. We have contributed to some of the most important discoveries in the field over the past 15 years (e.g. identification of the gene contributing the most to genetic predisposition to obesity, identification of the first gene promoting leanness, demonstration that you can fight your bad genes with physical activity and sport). We have developed an ambitious multidisciplinary research program at McMaster University that can make a real difference (see the figure below).


The main hurdle to our activity is the excessive amount of time spent in writing funding applications and the difficulty in securing sufficient funding to complete ambitious projects in the field of human obesity genetic. We think that in addition to academic funding, a Citizen initiative is essential to help scientists to focus their energy and talent on research and to combat the obesity epidemic in Canada and in the world. Like Terry Fox, we believe that raising one dollar per Canadian for this cause can lead us to complete the identification of obesity predisposing genes and can result in a societal and medical revolution. Our plan includes three main steps: 1) identification of obesity predisposing genes in ethnicities that represent human diversity worldwide 2) description of the specific environments / conditions (e.g. lack of physical activity) that interact with the genetic risk of developing obesity 3) implementation of new methods, guidelines and programs to identify high risk individuals early in life and to build prevention / treatment programs based on scientific evidence. With your support, participation and partnership we can make these goals a reality, bring an end to the obesity epidemic and close this chapter of human history once and for all.


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