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Dr. Meyre is always looking for motivated undergratuate student. Students applying at the end of their second year in order to work with Dr Meyre in their 3th and 4th years will be favored.


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The past 30 years have seen a remarkable surge in the rate of obesity in Westernized countries, and more recently around the world (one out of six people are obese today). Obesity is a prominent risk factor for cardio-metabolic complications, psychological disorders and certain cancers, and the rise of these complications worldwide is mainly driven by this disorder. Obesity is associated with a decrease of the quality of life and in its more severe forms shortens life expectancy by 8-13 years. The direct costs of obesity are $147 billion in adults and $14.3 billion in children annually in the United States, corresponding to 9.1% of the total annual health care expenditures. Obesity has proven difficult to treat, and prevention has been advocated as the best strategy for curbing the obesity epidemic. It is a complex heritable disorder (50-80% of obesity susceptibility is attributed to genetic factors) in constant interplay with environmental conditions.

Obesity remains a mysterious disease, and only a modest fraction of the genetic component has been elucidated, mainly in populations of European ancestry. Our vision is to contribute to a better understanding of the etiology of this exceptionally complex disorder, in order to design more efficient and personalized obesity prevention and treatment programs in Canada and around the world. Curbing the tide of obesity is also crucial to reducing the incidence of obesity-associated complications. 

Fizza Manzoor. BHSc. candidate
Fizza is a second year student in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster. She is investigating the interaction between the cumulative effect of risk environmental exposures and the FTO gene. In her free time, she likes to go hiking, play the piano or read a novel

-Lily Ye ( alumni from Bachelor of Health Sciences Class of 2014, collaborative student

-Kayley Henning ( 3rd year student Bachelor of Science (Program: Honours Biology)

- Kaiwen Song ( 2nd year student Bachelor of Health Sciences

- Karim Mithani ( 3rd year student Bachelor of Health Sciences

Sumiya Lodhi (

Vivian Tam (

Emily Tam  (



-ishwathsen (Vishu) Karthikeyan: 3rd year Bachelor of Health Sciences (

- Spandana Amarthaluru:  2rd year Bachelor of Health Sciences (

- Pyravi Balakrishnan: 3rd year Bachelor of Life Science (

- Shane Natalwalla new member???




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